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New Year, new wardrobe right? Well, yes...and no! New clothes doesn't always mean spending a fortune. Also, recycling your closet can mean finding new ways to wear what you already have. Let's examine this a little further...

Recently, I wore a sequin sweater that was a huge hit on IG. I immediately started getting messages asking was the sweater available on Classy Girl Wardrobe. I wish! The sweater was actually given to be on a photo shoot by a stylist who told me it was vintage which makes sense, it has no label. People were mentioning in my comments that I got it from the Goodwill or the thrift store. So I thought to myself well NO, but what a great idea! Thrift stores are a good way to find some vintage pieces to mix in with your modern wardrobe that won't break the bank.

One of my friends found an incredible Chanel blazer at her local thrift store and it definitely was a bargain. Ladies, we all know Chanel never gets old nor is it inexpensive! So hit up your local Goodwill or thrift store and see what gems you can get your hands on.

Playing dress up never gets old to me, I don't care how old I am. I enjoy picking out different pieces in my closet and trying them in ways that I never thought to pair together. Listen, it could be a disaster but you might discover a cute new look! The point is don't be afraid to experiment. Try mixing patterns, fabrics, colors, etc. I promise you this will be a fun time!

Who doesn't love finding a new outfit without spending a dime?

Let's start 2017 off right, looking fabulous and saving some coins.

Make sure you use our hashtag #AllThingsClassy so we can see all your thrifty threads!

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